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6D Building Information Modelling Consultancy

6D Building Information Modelling (BIM) is also known as integrated BIM or iBIM. 6D BIM is necessary for operating Facility Management and operations. It is the most advance model in BIM as it includes the complete project life cycle information and able to track the spending on the maintenance of a structure, maintenance requirements and the lifetime of build asset.

Infrastructure Modelling Consultancy

Infrastructure modelling by using BIM is much easier as it offers an intelligence model that requires less work, enhanced collaboration, fewer errors and design data that can support operations, maintenance, and asset management. This model can be used throughout the life of the asset, and it reflects the actual location in space and relationship with other objects.

Common Data Environment (CDE) Developer and Provider

CDE is a tool to collect, store, organize data, and share information among a team that is working on a project which usually comprises of architects, mechanical engineers, civil and structural engineers. This tool would help in facilitating collaboration and avoid errors in updating the BIM model. CDE is equipped with a tool that provides identification of the author of the information. Hence, you could track the updates made by anyone in the team.

BIM Project Management

BIM for project management would provide effective and efficient project delivery as it allows for better design coordination. All architectural, civil, structural and mechanical drawings are digitalized in a 3D model. By using BIM, the stages of the construction schedule can be planned with better visualization with fewer redundancies and errors.

BIM Training Provider

We offer BIM training for different levels of proficiency: beginner, intermediate and advance.
An example of one of our training modules are as follows:
1. Introduction to BIM
2. BIM modelling for precast wall system
3. BIM Modeling for precast frame system

Plugins Developer

We have developed the process of designing plugins for BIM. (examples and result + process)

Smart BIM Integrator / Construction Automation

Smart BIM is live tracking of building management. It simplifies different operation systems into a single interface. Many IoT devices, such as lighting, air conditioning, etc., can be integrated into the system. Hence, making building or asset management more manageable.

Automation Integrator

How does this one different than Smart BIM Integrator?

Parametric Modelling

Parametric modelling is a series of a pre-programmed algorithm (known as parameters) to create a digital model. The model would be automatically updated, which aligned with the assigned parameters. Hence, there will be no manual updates.