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Feasibility Studies & Planning

We conduct the feasibility studies by analyzing all the project’s relevants factors into account that include the economic, technical, legal and scheduling considerations. It is important to know the pros and the cons of the project before investing a lot of money and time into it.

Engineering 3D Analysis & Design

We can design, analyze and model any structures that ranging from residential to commercial buildings.
We use advance and latest software in modeling and designing the structure such as REVIT, TEKLA, ESTEEM and STAAD PRO.

Supervision & Inspection

We bring unparalleled level of experience and service to provide supervision and inspection at the construction site to ensure the structure meet the intended design.

Risk Analysis

Risk analysis of the life cycle of a project can be conducted to reduce any predictable risks and to construct a contigency plan.
Risk analysis include the probability of the risk occurance, the impact, risk occurance time frame, risk triggers, risk ownership, and risk monitoring and control.

Demolition Forensic Studies

We provide demolition planning service by designing a safe and effecient demolition based on your project requirements.
For your demolition that does not go as planned, we can conduct forensic analysis and suggest the next plan to finish the demolition work in a safe manner.

Technical Audit

We performed technical audit by analyzing the areas of improvement in a process, system or proposal.

Project Management

We use proven methods and procedures to deliver the best project management service in ensuring the project stay on budget, finish on-schedule with minimal risks.
1. Initiating
We will guide you during the early stage in which we will work to discover your goal and project requirements.
2. Planning
We generate a reliable and defined project roadmap that meets your project objectives and identifies the risks to come out with a contingency plan
3. Executing
Our responsive and proactive team will guide you at every key milestone of your project and driving the project to stay within cost and on-schedule.
4. Monitoring and Controlling
we track and review all the progress of the project and conduct reassessment of risks if needed to achieve the project objectives.
5. Closing
We help you in the closing process of the project in terms of keeping track of all the documentation that needs to be done.